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Scissors that look like a pen!  Throw a pair in your favorite handbag, travel bag, car or desk. 

Twiggy is extremely slim! Compared with ordinary scissors, but the difference is obvious. Because there is no holding part of the scissors, it looks like a pen.

Slide it vertically to unlock it.  You can cut easily with one hand!

When you release the lock, the handle will come out! The handle can be used either above or below, and can be used by lefties with no problem.

Since it is a curved blade called Bernoulli curve, its a smooth cut from the base to the tip.


  • Compact, pen-size scissors
  • Conveniently fits in a pocket, purse, or drawer
  • Unique curved blades offer smooth and effortless cutting
  • Locking blades and safety cap offer protection when scissors are not in use
  • Perfect for trimming loose threads, quilting, opening packages, cutting off tags, clipping coupons and more
  • TSA compliant

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