This beautiful collection is both fresh and contemporary. The eye-catching packaging has been inspired by the fragrant gardens at KEW and incorporates stunning illustrations and sketches taken from original, botanist archives.


About this Item

Bath Salts

A blend of nutrient rich sea salt and green tea extract. Sprinkle a small amount into a warm bath to soothe, restore and replenish the natural radiance of your skin.

Bath Essence

Luxuriously decadent, an essence that disperses on contact with water to create a light, slightly milky oil that melts into the skin leaving it soft, smooth and loved.


Flores is sophisticated and delicate a floral veil, lightly sprinkled with sparkling top notes of raspperry and pomegranate luxuriously decadent.


A viprant youthful and lightly floral fragrance, infused with fresh summer herbs and a hint of citrus. 


A pretty floral fragrance combining white jasmine, sandalwood and amber, lightly sweetened with creamy coconut and rich berries.



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