Zodiac Journals From Be Rooted - Each Zodiac is represented with beautiful artwork on the cover, complimented by a mantra meant to represent each sign on the inside cover. Designed to help dream bigger, explore farther, and tap into your innermost self. Let this journal be your constant source of positivity, joy, and self-reflection.


About this Item

·       HARDCOVER SPIRAL JOURNAL: Harness cosmic energy with this 5.5" x 8.5" journal. Its Zodiac hardcover, gentle as stardust, is designed for durability. With lined pages and rounded corners, these pages invite your daily musings and inspirations.

·       PREMIUM RESPONSIBLY FORESTED PAPER: Made with top-notch FSC-certified paper, our journal surpasses standard notebooks. Its thick sheets prevent ink permeation, creating a flawless surface for your creative spillage.

·       GOLD STURDY SPIRAL WIRE BINDING: Release your creativity and stay focused with our durable golden ring design. The Zodiac Journal is both hard-wearing and simple, the ultimate tool for journaling, note-taking, and plotting.


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