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This 8 oz 100% soy wax floral lilac/lavender tranquility-scented candle fills a ceramic vessel that will fit into modern neutral-styled homes. The triple lead & nickel-free cotton wick provides a smooth burn when each wick is cut down to 1/4" after burning. The candle will burn for 17-19 hours in total. Once the candle has burned away, repurpose this as a jar to hold keys or desk items such as paper clips, push pins, or pens. Even reuse as a bathroom cotton ball, q-tip, toothpick, or bobby pin holder; coin & change holder too.



PREMIUM QUALITY: 8oz double-wicked tranquility-scented candle, packaged in a plain box, is made from 100% soy wax and ceramic. "Love You More, Mom" or " Love You Mom" text and accompanying beautiful icon decals are applied to the candle vessel.


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