About this Design

Chic & Eco Friendly 

Burlap is made from natural jute fibres that are woven into a loose, breathable, biodegradable cloth, and it's compostable.

Your loved one can use the wrapping from your thoughtful gift in the garden, in the home, or in crafts. 

So much better than throwing the gift wrapping in the trash once your flowers are re-cut and transferred to a vase!

Please choose a size & style from the menu above.

Classic - Compact designed with common flowers

Signature - Average designed with common flowers

Deluxe - Compact designed with choice flowers

Premium - Average designed with choice flowers

Showcase - Large designed with choice flowers

*Note - We are actively sourcing materials to provide 100% plastic free wrapping.  In the meantime, our pledge is to use minimal plastic in this design.  Bouquet will have a small cello water pocket on the stems, to ensure your flowers remain hydrated during the delivery process.

If you prefer to have zero plastic, (no water pocket), then please request this at checkout and indicate that you understand we can not take responsibility for the life span of the bouquet.  We will keep the bouquet hydrated during transport and will deliver with the bottom stems exposed.  We will instruct the recipient to cut the stems and immediately put into a water source.


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