The Smart Baton Light is a sleek, modern, compactly designed object for every day lighting.


About this Item

The Baton Light also has an in-built motion sensor to help conserve even more energy. So when it’s dark, it automatically lights up the moment it detects any motion. Or, if you prefer, you can keep it lit and switch off when you’re ready. Without compromising on design, the Smart Baton Light from Gingko has a real wood case set off beautifully by the high-quality frosted acrylic glass, which keeps it light, pleasant and easy to grip for handy use. It certainly reflects their design ethos of making everyday objects smarter in living.

It can be positioned absolutely anywhere you desire. The real natural and sustainable adhesive wood base can be fixed to most surfaces, and with a cleverly hidden magnet inside, the light baton can be easily positioned, taken down and even used as a handy portable torch. You can recharge it as needed and place it back onto its magnetised base. Light up a dull hallway, stairwell, or cupboard or even use it as a bedside light without the need for complicated wiring.


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