The Kase Mate Is The No Ice, Keep The Case, Cooler. Keeping Drinks Cold For Up To 7 Hours Without Ice


About this Item

Kase Mate is the Iceless Cooler designed to wrap around an entire case of beer, soda, or seltzers, keeping them cold for up to 7 hours!

COAST - Inspired by chasing waves, chasing rays, or just chasing a buzz in the sand

WOODY - Inspired by outdoor day trips to the park or beach that end with a campfire and a cold one

OUTBACK - Inspired by the open road and reckless adventures that are always worth the time

MALIBU - Ever driven down Ventura Boulevard on a hot summer day? Neither have we but we would like to think that we would have this bad boy close by.


The magnetic flap allows for beers to stay cold and The perfect Kase Mate for your typical beach, or boat bum that will no doubt be filled with cold beers and good vibes. 


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