Ballast outdoor pillow: a soft, weather-resistant pillow with an attached pouch that you can fill with a small scoop of sand to temporarily weigh it down. Ballast is the only soft, inflatable pillow that won't blow away on a windy beach. Ditch that crumpled up towel and treat yourself to a comfortable beach pillow


About this Item

Ballast Beach Pillow Pro

Whether sunbathing, stargazing, or flying our friendly skies, the Ballast Beach Pillow Pro provides maximum comfort in multiple positions: sunbathing on your stomach, lounging on your back, or worn around your neck while travelling the world. Give it a try, and you’ll soon find yourself relaxing like a pro.

Features Include

  • Designed for comfort in multiple positions
  • Made for all outdoor conditions
  • Easy to inflate
  • Provides cooling airflow when facedown
  • Super-compact for easy transportation
Ballast Beach Pillow

The Ballast Pillow stays put on windy beaches so that you can stay comfortable and relaxed. It’s also the perfect pillow for camping, lounging poolside, resting between festival sets, or travelling the world.

Features Include

  • Stays put on windy days
  • Wicks water and sheds sand
  • Soft, padded top
  • Cooling gel pack sleeve
  • Cradles neck and head
  • Easy to inflate
  • Packs into its own pouch
How It Works
Ballast pillows stay put, so you can stay comfortable and relaxed
  1. Fill the pouch with a scoop of sand, or a small weighted object
  2. Fold the top twice to keep anything from spilling out
  3. Attach the loops to clasps on either side
  4. Rest and relax

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