Taking Life One Day At A Time


About this Item

Life offers some challenges, but sometimes all it takes is a smile, or a word, to remember to look on the right side of things.

These beautifully adorned Box of Joy gift tins provides a daily stimulant, guaranteed 100% without side effects!

Everyone will appreciate this gift that seeks balance and well-being.  We all know someone who would need a little pause from their own erratic life to smell the flowers (or maybe this person is you)?  Choose from 18 different themes that offer 365 daily reminders that life is beautiful. A brilliant gift idea because the Box of Joy offers universal messages to make anyone’s day brighter, so offer it around you and see people slowly transform.

You have a wonderful father, mother, teacher, grandmother, and Kid? Tell them how much you love him, every day of the year.

  • Unveil your message easily by removing a small tab.
  • Printed messages on quality materials.



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