These message boxes are great to nourish a child’s self-confidence.


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ARE YOU SMARTER THAN YOUR PARENTS?  Do you think you know it all? Draw a question and prove it! Educational gift idea for kids 8 to 12 years old.

Feed your children’s natural curiosity with the 101 unique questions included in this quiz box. You can also use it to incite discussions during the family meal by leaving this Box of Joy® quiz box on the table. Try to answer its questions of general knowledge in geography, biology, anatomy, etc. Who will have the right answer, parent or child?

Offer this original gift idea to any family, they’ll love to test themselves out and as a side effect, animate and enrich the family meals with smart conversations.


Lunch Box Daily messages to slip in their lunch for every day of the school year. 

Small and big kids both need to feel that their parents are proud of them and support their daily efforts.

Your child will love finding these little notes in the middle of their hectic school days. A compliment, a positive thought to cheer him up when you’re not there to do it yourself!

This lunch box messages for kids Box of Joy contains 260 sealed messages as well as a bonus: a durable plastic identification tag for your kid’s backpack or lunch box.

Ideal gift idea for any parent with kids of any age!


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