With Aged & Infused Infusing is simple! Just add your pre-measured ingredients into the jar, fill with your favorite spirit and seal for at least three days. Once you're ready to enjoy, simply pour on the rocks or into a cocktail. Each Refill Pack infuses 16 oz of spirits - enough for 7-8 cocktails depending on how strong you like your drink!


About this Item

What's included in an Aged & Infused refill pack?

Aged & Infused refill packs include all of the pre-measured ingredients you need to infuse in an existing Aged & Infused kit or a 16oz Jar. Just give your empty bottle a rinse, add the ingredients, fill with your favorite spirit and let the infusing begin!

How long after infusing do I have to drink my spirits?

We recommend consuming your Aged & Infused kit within one month of infusion. If you need more time, remove all the solid ingredients and you can extend the shelf life of your infusion indefinitely.

Do I need to refrigerate my infusion kit?

Nope! Your infusions do not need to be refrigerated. You can leave it on your bar cart or wherever you store your spirits.

Can I infuse the same ingredients a second time?

You can infuse a second time with the same ingredients, but it won’t be quite as flavorful.


  • Blue Sunday - Blueberry Lavender Infusion Kit; Ingredients: Dehydrated blueberries, dehydrated lemon, dried lavender

  • Lazy Afternoon - Blackberry Basil Infusion Kit; Ingredients: Dehydrated blackberry, dehydrated lemon, dried basil

  • Parrot Head - Strawberry Jalapeno Infusion Kit; Ingredients: Dehydrated strawberry, dehydrated jalapeno, dehydrated lime

  • Rose Ceremony - Raspberry Rose Infusion Kit; IngredientsDehydrated raspberries, dried rose petals

  • Home Sweet Home - Caramelized Apple & Spice Infusion Kit; IngredientsDehydrated caramelized apples, caramel extract, dried molasses, fresh cinnamon

  • Ruby Red - Grapefruit & Rosemary Infusion Kit; Ingredients: Dehydrated grapefruit, dried rosemary, dehydrated lemon

  • Night Owl - Bittered Orange & Espresso Infusion Kit; Ingredients: Dehydrated bitter-infused oranges, espresso beans

  • Navel Gazer - Spiced Orange Infusion Kit; Ingredients: Dehydrated oranges, cinnamon, clove

  • Out of Office - Mango Hibiscus Infusion Kit; Ingredients: Dehydrated mangos, dehydrated hibiscus flowers

  • Island Time - Spicy Pineapple Infusion Kit; Ingredients: Dehydrated pineapples, fresh cinnamon, cayenne pepper

  • Hello Sunshine - Blood Orange & Chamomile Infusion Kit; Ingredients: Dehydrated blood orange, dried chamomile, dehydrated lemon

  • Snowed In - Apple, Ginger, & Cardamom Infusion Kit; Ingredients: Dried apples, candied ginger, and cardamom pods



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